Welcome to Boldly Living Now!

I want you to know that I coach heroes: extraordinary souls who are either experiencing a major transition and are ready to step boldly back into their lives or people who are tired of settling for a mediocre existence. You are so much bigger than you are living. You are so much braver than you give yourself credit for.

Although, I haven't gone through exactly what you have, I've experienced loss and disappointment in my life. I have had those moments when I just knew there was more to this life than "this". I have also walked through the grief journey, myself, and with hundreds of others. After years of soul searching and personal growth work, I am proud to say that I stopped allowing myself to be a victim of my circumstances. I no longer "settle" or let life happen to me. Instead, I started taking risks and responsibility for my destiny.

On more than one occasion, I have sold everything I owned and left the security of all I knew in order to live more fully. I have taken a trip around the world (on a social worker's income), faced loss head on, left the career I thought I was supposed to do, sang in front of two hundred people when I was terrified to sing, lived in Hawaii when my heart was called to do so, and donated my kidney when my sister needed one. I live fully and am totally in love with life. I left the life I was settling for in order to find a life of fulfillment and joy. I know what it takes because I have done it! I would be honored to support you in doing the same. It's time!